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Dr Lucy Garnier’s personal website

This is my personal website where you can find information regarding my professional translation activities, my research and my teaching.

Lucy Garnier teacher translator researcher


Translation is my main professional activity and the majority of my projects are in the academic sphere. I translate for researchers in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and some areas of ICT. If you are mainly looking for detailed information about my academic translation services, you can consult my professional website.


I hold a BA from the University of London, an MèsL and a DEA from the Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, and a M.St. and a DPhil from the University of Oxford. Until 2011, my research focused mainly on 19th and 20th Century French literature with a particular interest in Stendhal’s work which was the subject of my doctoral thesis, completed in 2007. I also worked on women's writing and gender studies more generally. My work on Stendhal called upon manuscript analysis and within that context I also focused on critical edition and the generic boundaries of life-writing.

I am currently working on research in the field of translation studies, taking a critical perspective on some aspects of my professional translation practice.


I have taught written expression, translation and linguistics, as well as modern French literature and Art History at degree level in a variety of different institutions in France and the United Kingdom. I currently teach a module on media, gender and identity at the CIEE Paris Open Campus as well as a translation course (English-French) at the University of Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle.