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Curriculum Vitae



Date Qualification
2010 Qualification aux fonctions de maître de conférence (French State qualification to lecture at university level)
2007 Doctorate of Philosophy (DPhil) in Medieval and Modern Languages, St. John’s College, University of Oxford, (supervised by Prof. Elizabeth Fallaize and Dr Stephen Goddard; examined by Prof. Alison Finch and Prof. Michael Sheringham)
2004 Master of Studies (M.St.) in Women’s Studies, St. John’s College, University of Oxford
2004 Diplôme d’Études Approfondies (DEA) de Littérature et civilisation françaises avec mention bien, Université Paris III- Sorbonne-Nouvelle
2002 Maîtrise ès Lettres (MèsL) de Littérature et linguistique françaises et latines avec mention très bien, Université Paris III- Sorbonne-Nouvelle
2001 Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French Studies with First Class Honours
University of London Institute in Paris

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Professional experience


Date Post
2010-present Freelance academic translator (n°SIRET: 52785925000013)
Translation of academic books, articles, and funding applications for research centres in France, the UK and the United States. Main areas of specialisation: social sciences, humanities, literature, and linguistics.
May 2010-June 2010 Ingénieur de recherche [research assistant], Ecole Normale Supérieure-Cachan, UMR STEF
Translator on the HELENA project (Higher Education Leading to Engineering and Scientific Careers). Funded by the European Commission's FP7.
January 2010–February 2010 Ingénieur de recherche [research assistant], Laboratoire LIDILEM, Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3, Grenoble, France Translations of articles, reports, and funding applications.

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Date Post
2008-2009 Post-doctoral researcher [project focusing on the manuscripts of Stendhal's theatre and diaries], E.A. Traverses 19-21, Université Grenoble 3
2007-2008 Member of the Équipe ‘Manuscrits de Stendhal’, E.A. Traverses 19-21, Université Grenoble 3
2004-2007 DPhil funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, St. John's College, University of Oxford.

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Date Post and Institution
2017-present Part-time tutor, CIEE Paris Global Institute
Course on Media, Gender and Identity
2013-2015 Part-time tutor, American University of Paris
Masters in Cultural Translation, translation workshop.
2010-2012 Part-time tutor, University of London Institute in Paris
Courses in linguistics, French literature, and art history
2007-2008 Lectrice, UFR d'Études Anglophones, Université Grenoble 3
Written and oral expression (English)
2004-2006 Part-time tutor, French Department, University of Warwick, GB.
Courses in French literature, essay-writing, translation, and grammar
2003-2006 Part-time tutor, St John's College and Exeter College, University of Oxford, GB.
Translation classes and oral French classes
2002-2006 Part-time tutor, University of London Institute in Paris
Courses in translation, comparative stylistics, and French literature

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University Administration

Date Post and Institution
2003-2004 Head of Examinations Service
University of London Institute in Paris
2002-2003 Admissions Secretary
University of London Institute in Paris

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Publications, Conferences, Lectures

Published Translations
Articles More than 225 translations of articles in the fields of social science, humanities, literary criticism and linguistics
Books Francesco Manzini, Les ‘Vies parallèles’ de Stendhal. Paris: Garnier (contracted) [Stendhal’s Parallel Lives. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2004].
Djemila Zeneidi, Gender, Temporary Work, and Migration Management. Global Food and Utilitarian Migration in Huelva, Spain. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017 [Femmes/fraises. Import/export. Paris: PUF, 2013].
Muriel Darmon, Becoming Anorexic. A Sociological Approach. London: Routledge, 2016 [Devenir anorexique : une approche sociologique. Paris: La Découverte, 2003).
Joëlle Vailly, The Birth of a Genetics Policy. London: Ashgate, 2013 [Naissance d’une politique de la génétique. Paris: PUF, 2010].
(with Suzanne Dow) Hélène Cixous, The Double Oblivion of the Ourang-Outang. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013 [Le Double Oubli de l’Orang-Outang. Paris: Galilee, 2010].
Jean-Michel Molkhou, Great Violinists of the Twentieth-Century . Paris: Buchet Chastel, 2012[Les grands violonistes du XXeme siècle. Paris: Editions Buchet Chastel, 2011]

Research in French Literature
Publications 2 edited volumes; 4 articles; 6 articles in conference proceedings; 2 reviews
Papers 11 papers at international conferences; 7 papers at research seminars; 4 lectures for general public
Scientific events Organised an international conference in 2006 (Stendhal et la femme, University of Oxford) and co-organised an international conference in 2009 (Stendhal/Théâtre, Université Paris 3) with Ph. Berthier, A. Lechevalier and M. Sfar.

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Additional Information


  • English: native speaker
  • French: native speaker
  • German, Italian, Catalan, Spanish: basic

Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems: Mac OS; Windows, Linux.
  • Office Software: MS Office; OpenOffice; Apple Pages & Keynote.
  • Document processing: basic LaTeX.
  • Web design: HTML; basic CSS and PHP.

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